10 Things You Need to Know If You Love A Leo

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Leos are not as easy to love as you might think. While you might crush on them truly loving them is something completely different.

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Leos are very wild and quite unpredictable. Whether you realize the ride your in for or you have no clue there are some things you need to really understand about them before really getting involved. They are very easy to fall for, but sticking around can sometimes prove to be quite difficult.



1. Leos love compliments and praise.

Leos are all about compliments. When other people say something kind to them they are going to respond. They want all the ego boosts they can get and you can’t cut them off from them at all.

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2. Leos can be quite brutal.

Leos are sometimes pretty brutal. They get very passionate about some things and cannot be held back most of the time. You really have to let them be themselves otherwise their anger will just build and build.

3. Leos are leaders, big time.

Leos are natural born leaders, and they don’t like to follow or listen to others. They like to get things done in a manner they see as fit.

4. Leos crave the spotlight.

Leos want all eyes on them most of the time. They like positive attention and are more than willing to do what needs to be done to get it. They are charming and very people oriented.

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5. Leos do not give up, ever.

Leos are not the kind of people who will give up on something. They will try and try until they get it right. I guess this is also why they are so good at everything. They are very driven.

6. Leos are extremely loyal.

Leos might be surrounded by people and complimented by many but they are loyal. Testing them will only prove as such. You don’t have to worry about them doing anything with someone else, trust will make a huge difference in your relationship with the Leo.

7. Leos are confident but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sensitive.

While the Leo may come off as he or she is confident and sure of his or herself sometimes his or her sensitive side might show. This will only be shown to those the Leo truly cares for so if you see this side of him or her you should be proud of yourself. You have achieved something most others never do.

8. Leos can be pretty damn competitive.

Leos as mentioned above never give up. Because of this their competitive drive is also quite intense. They love to win and strive to always come out on top.

9. Leos are not to be crossed and they always get even.

If you do something to get on the Leos bad side you should probably run for the hills. The Leo will not stop until he or she gets revenge and revenge for the Leo is quite intense. You want no part in that.

10. Leos are usually very generous souls.

Leos will give and give until they have little left for themselves. While many people consider them to be selfish they are quite open and willing to share. You just have to prove to them that you are in need and they will help.

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