6 Things BOUND To Happen When An Aquarius Dates Another Aquarius

Could two Aquarians are better than one?

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I might be biased, but when you date an Aquarius, it is it is unlike any other relationship you’ve ever had.

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Aquarius is such a unique individual, that it is hard to compare them to other people you’ve dated before. They are definitely in their own category when it comes to dating this zodiac sign.
If you have ever dated an Aquarius, you already know that she can sometimes be a hard code to crack. With a unique outlook on life and her own set of dating deal breakers, it can feel like you are playing by HER rules — not anyone else’s.
So, is it better to have a relationship with two Aquarians?
Some would say that two of the same sign in a relationship is a recipe for disaster, but I personally think it’s a fantastic idea. Sure, there are issues that not even two people sharing the same sign can avoid, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed to fail.
In fact, Aquarius is always looking for something specific in relationships; whether that is acceptance or freedom, or just someone she can be weird with — Aquarius isn’t afraid to set her standards high.

Aquarius knows that a relationship with her is a rollercoaster ride and that she can be a little eccentric for some people, but the old saying “it takes on to know one” works perfectly here.
Good or bad, Aquarius knows how to handle it all, no matter who she is dating. Sometimes, it is just easier if she already knows what she’s up against: another Aquarius.

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1. There can be LOTS of miscommunication.

Aquarius is known for being aloof and acting like she has a chip on her shoulder (even if she doesn’t). It’s nothing personal, though. She is just trying to protect herself since her emotions are so important to her.
When an Aquarius dates another Aquarius, there can tend to be a lot of miscommunication. Even though she knows what the other is doing when they are both acting aloof, Aquarius also hateswhen someone disagrees with her and will often give the other person the cold shoulder. It might not be about anything, but they won’t know it until one of them cracks … which could take forever.

2. They’ll play off each other’s strengths.
Aquarius is headstrong and determined, and won’t quit until she gets what she wants. Being in a relationship with someone who understands what goes on inside her head without any hesitation is every Aquarian’s dream.
If she is dating another Aquarian, then the two of them can be unstoppable together. Aquarians tend to play off each other’s strengths, giving the other person the boost they need to succeed. In this case, two water-bearers are better than one.
3. They’ll understand each other’s needs.

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While it’s true almost any sign can give these things to her, only another Aquarius can really understand what she wants because they themselves are looking for the same qualities in a person. There is nothing quite like dating someone who just GETS what you need, no questions asked.
4. Their relationship will look more complicated from the outside than what it really is.
Aquarius is a very independent person who loves having her space. A lot of people think that means she would rather be alone than in a relationship, but that’s not true.

When an Aquarius is in a relationship with another Aquarius, it can seem like it’s just two independent people spending time together when in fact, it’s much different. Aquarians value freedom very highly in relationships and will work best with someone who understands that sometimes, they need to be alone.
Just because people don’t understand how the relationship works doesn’t mean it isn’t working for Aquarius.
5. They’ll communicate easily without having to say a single thing.
In general, Aquarius is one of the more quiet Zodiac signs. This is because they are naturally deep thinkers who tend to be more introspective instead of wanting to share their thoughts with everyone.
Aquarius can also be very social creatures, which can make them sound contradictive to people who don’t know them very well. In fact, these two qualities just make it easy for people to talk to them (even if you’re a stranger), and if you’re in a relationship with them, they make it easy to communicate beyond words, too.

6. They’ll try things before they’re considered cool.
If Aquarius could be described in one word, it would have to be “open-minded” (or is that two words?). Aquarius is the type of person who will try someone new not because they’re brave or because they want to be the first at everything, but simply because they are curious.
With two Aquarians in a relationship, you can bet that they will be the couple that makes everything look SUPER cool. They will try that new restaurant first, experiment with that toy in the bedroom everyone thought was a kitchen gadget, and probably have the most activities checked off their bucket list. They set new rules for relationships that make things cool before they’re cool.

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