7 Reasons Why Libra Women ROCK!

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Dear Libra, your special month is almost here. It’s that time of the year when you deserve to feel like you’re on top of the world! Because you are AWESOME. And here are 7 reasons why we love you!
1. You Are Super-Ambitious
No matter what you do – whether it’s work or a hobby – you pour your heart and soul into it, and are determined to excel. Whether it’s a game you’re playing with your friends, or a project you’re working on with colleagues, people always feel lucky to have you on their team!
2. You Are Tremendously Determined
Some people don’t have it in them to stick to their guns in the face of opposition – you’re not one of them! You never do things in a hurry and are totally committed to your cause, and that’s why you produce such quality work. No one can ever accuse you of being flaky or not giving something your very best shot!
3. You Are A Savvy Spender!
You know exactly how to make the maximum of what you have. You know just what is worth your time and money, and what isn’t! And you’re super-good at planning for the future – you always have a plan, and you’re totally sorted when it comes to dealing with unexpected problems.
4. You Are Gaga About Fashion
You dress according to your mood, and when you find something you like, you stick with it! It’s quality that matters to you more than quantity, and you’re as happy to buy something off the streets as you are to invest in a label – provided you actually love it.
5. You Have A Generous Heart
Money is important, but you also understand it’s a piece of paper at the end of the day. You don’t mind sparing a few bucks to someone who needs it more than you. You genuinely like helping people out and have a heart of gold.
6. You Are Fiercely Independent
Given the chance, you are totally okay with taking the world on by yourself! You rarely depend on anyone to get your work done and rarely crack under pressure. You have many secret (or not so secret) admirers who are constantly inspired by you!
7. You Make A Loyal and Honest Friend
Loyalty and honesty are two values you stand firm by. You have a huge social circle, but you’re close only to a few of them. And since you’re super-loyal, people are always willing to trust you with their deepest, darkest secrets.

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