7 Secrets to Attracting The Libra Woman…

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The Libra woman is a wonderful mix of sound judgement and reasoning that is offset by a love of all things beautiful.
Libra’s ruling planet of Venus adds a romantic flair to this sun sign and smooths out the edges with a touch of harmony and balance. Here are seven ways to attract the loving and exciting Libra woman!

Dont Fall in Love with Libra

#1: Be open-minded about things and actually listen to her.

The Libra woman likes a man who can keep an open mind about things and understand that not everything is always so ‘black or white’… there are always grey areas in life. They need somebody that they can share their ideas with and not feel like they are going to be judged or attacked for them.
Open Mind
Similarly they need somebody that they can actually talk to and connect with and if you can hold an interesting conversation with her than that will go a long way to keeping around.

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#2: Don’t be pushy or overly confrontational or you’ll push her away.

The Libra prefers to take a cool-headed and calm approach to life and when possible avoids unnecessary drama and confrontations.
Don't Be Pushy With Libra
Don’t be ‘that guy’ that is always making a big deal out of nothing or you’ll be sure to send her packing and running in the opposite direction!

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#3: Support her in her career and ambitions.

Libra women typically achieve much in their careers and place work and their jobs near the top of their lists when it comes to important things in their lives. This sun sign is very driven, and they make wonderful negotiators, whether it is at work or home.
Support The Libra Womans Career
You need to be supportive of a Libra woman’s need for a career if you want your relationship to be successful.

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#4: Indulge her in the finer things.

Libra’s ruling planet of Venus adds a nice touch to this sun sign by infusing the natives with the desire to indulge occasionally. The good things in life can come in many forms and can include anything from a hot fudge Sundae to a relaxing vacation on a white sandy beach far, far away.
Indulge The Libra Woman
Show her that you know how to have a good time and take her out for a decadent and indulgent date and she will be unable to resist!

#5: The Libra woman digs romance!

Libra women appreciate being showered with love and attention and beautiful gifts. Give your Libra lady a bountiful bouquet of gorgeous flowers along with a box of delicious chocolates to indulge her senses.
Romance And Give Her Flowers
A night out dining at a fine restaurant is another way to win the heart of a Libra woman.

#6: Show her your softer side and open up to her.

On first impression the Libra women sometimes come off as a bit cold and calculated but they also have a softer side and they look for a partner that has the same and who is willing to open up to them.
Libra Likes to Be Loved
Having a strong emotional connection is hugely important to the Libra woman so it’s crucial that you let her in so that she can get on your wavelength.

#7: Provide her with the balance and stability that she craves.

The symbol of the Libra scales accurately reflects the natives’ desire to find harmony within their lives. The Libra woman will seek out a man who can bring peace and balance to her life rather than make it more difficult.
The Libra Woman Seeks Balance
Avoid being too chaotic and show her your laid back side and she’ll feel a lot more comfortable around you and more willing to open up.

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