Prepare Yourself for the Intense Impact of the July 27th Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

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This July we will be experiencing a major energy shift with the July Full Blood Moon coinciding with the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st Century. Prepare yourself to face your darkest secrets and hidden weaknesses during this uncomfortable time of personal growth and transformation.

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Often blamed for times of great chaos and confusion, the full moon is well known in our society for its ability to influence the masses. Those who work in law enforcement, or staff hospital emergency rooms, can tell you just how wild this time can truly be for those that are ‘in the trenches.’ What most people fail to acknowledge, however, is that the coming of the full moon isn’t the only way in which the moon influences our lives.

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Referred to as the ‘Ruler of Emotions,’ the energy of the moon has been known to significantly impact the way we feel, act and react to the world around us. As it moves through the various phases of the lunar cycle, it’s influence on our emotions will also shift.  In fact, we experience a cycle in terms of our emotions that coincides directly with the lunar calendar – from the inspiration to embrace new beginnings during the new moon through to the intense emotions that drive the chaos during the full moon. By learning and understanding the lunar cycle, we can take back control, harnessing its energy to propel ourselves forward towards greater success.

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On July 27th we will be experiencing the next full moon, and not just any full moon – this is going to be the Full Blood Moon. The impact of the Full Blood Moon will be more than just the beautiful blood red coloring that is going to sweep through our night sky. This is going to be a significant time of growth and transformation in your life, whether you like it or not. You can embrace change, recognizing all the positives that can come from this time, or you can fight it. However, I will warn you, that fighting change during a blood moon is a waste of time and energy, as it is going to force you forward, like it or not.

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This is further amplified by the fact that the Full Blood Moon will coincide with the century’s longest lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse calls upon your shadow self, bringing all of your deepest, darkest secrets to the surface. If there are aspects of your personality that you have hidden away from the world around you, be prepared to face them head on! The truth is that the only way to work through these aspects of your personality, allowing you to grow and evolved into a better version of yourself, is to first acknowledge and accept this side of yourself. It’s not going to be easy, or comfortable, but the only path to true personal growth involves first stepping out of your comfort zone.

Take some time on the evening of July 27th to sit alone with your thoughts and emotions, allowing yourself to do some self-reflection. Carefully consider each of the personality traits and aspects of your self that you discover, deciding whether it is moving you forward towards your goals and dreams, or holding you back. This is the time to let go of those barriers that are preventing your success. The more effort you invest into this personal growth, the sooner you will begin to achieve the things you want in this life!

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