Understanding Planetary Archetypes and What They Reveal About You

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Many of us are familiar with the concept of ‘zodiac signs’ or sun sings, determined by the position of the sun at the time of our birth, however, this is only the first drop in the bucket in the study that is astrology. Astrologists dedicate their lives to studying and understanding the heavenly bodies, including the sun, moon, planets and constellations, and how they interact with one another. With this information, and a thorough knowledge of the energies associated with each of these entities, they then claim to predict events, understand personality and explain the way in which both positive and negative energies impact the world that we live in.

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In order to understand the way astrology works, you must first understand the concept of the zodiac. Often associated solely with the sun signs, the zodiac itself is actually a band that extends through the heavens, divided into 12 equal parts, or signs. Each of these is named for a constellation, such as Leo, Taurus or Scorpio. By studying where a planet is in this band, we can understand how it’s energy will impact the world we live in.

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Looking at the study of sun signs for an example, your sun sign is named after the position of the sun at the time of your birth. For example, if the sun is in Taurus part of the sky, you are a Taurus. The sun is associated with identity, personality, and ego formation. As such, by understanding where the sun is at the time that you were born, astrologists can predict your main personality traits. The traits of Taurus include reliability, patience, stubbornness, devotion, responsibility, and stability. Those who are born with the sun in Taurus are believed to possess these traits.

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This concept extends beyond the location of the sun. By obtaining an astrological birth chart, we are able to see the location of each of the planets, revealing how they influence who we are, how we react to the world around us and what this life has in store for us.

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You can obtain your astrological birth chart here.

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While the sun is associated with our outward personality traits, the moon reflects the other side of ourselves, our inward emotions and feelings. Understanding the placement of the moon will provide insight into your unconscious, the way that you think and how you emotionally react to outside stimuli.

Associated with communication and mental activity, the energy of Mercury influences the way that we interact with people around us. This includes our relationships, our ability to communicate in public settings (like business presentations) and, in today’s society, the communication devices that we use like smartphones and social media.

The energy of Venus is strongly linked with that of love, passion and sexual energy. This is the planet that influences your love life, your sexual attraction and energy and your sensuality. Furthermore, it can also influence your emotions, as many of our emotions are driven by passion in one way or another.

Often known as the Planet of War, Mars is driven by ego and power. The energy that is driven by this planet propels us to success, willing to work through and overcome any challenges that may be sent our way. Along with the ego, Mars can also influence your sexual energy as the two are often closely intertwined.

The energy associated with Jupiter is that of growth, self-discovery, and change. When Jupiter’s energy influences an area of our lives, it often triggers opportunities to evolve and move forward in our journey to true self-awareness. This is also the planet of good luck and fortune.

Saturn is associated with one of the best-known energies in the universe, that of karma. This is the planet of truth, responsibility, and recognition, highlighting what areas in your life you have earned success, and in which you are falling short. It will open your eyes to your personal strengths in life, and all that you are capable of achieving.

The energy that is associated with the planet Uranus is that of the unconventional, weird, unusual and rebellious. It specifically focuses on the areas of our life that break free from society’s expectations and ‘the norm,’ making us uniquely who we are as an individual. This is the planet of invention and innovation, introducing new ideas into the world.

The planet Neptune is closely associated with matters of the spirit, creativity, illusion and the abstract or mysterious areas of our life. This is the planet that inspires music, poetry, artwork, and dance, allowing us to channel our emotions and harness our energy for the purpose of creative expression and. In doing so, it will also improve your ability to recognize and identify these emotions.

Pluto possesses two major energies, that of power as well as balance. Pluto empowers us, transforms us and allows us to become the best version of ourselves, however it demands balance and restitution for everything in life. For every accomplishment we will face a challenge, for every birth, there is also death. Its energy is subtle and yet effective.

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