What the Summer Solstice Has In Store For You, Based on the Zodiac

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The Summer Solstice is well on its way. It falls on June 21st and is a day in which we shift in many ways. While you might usually not think much of it, each solstice really does bring with it a sense of energy that we should be aware of.

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Below I am going to go over what this solstice will hold for each zodiac sign and through this, you will learn what you should be expecting as the solstice is very soon. While these predictions might be a bit simple they will really resonate with each sign. This solstice is bringing with it much more than you realize.

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The Aries is going to be going through some kind of big change, be it changing jobs or homes. During this time you need to remember who is important to you and do not let your friends and family fall through the cracks. This solstice is going to push you towards a new beginning and you might not know how to take it at first, just let things work as they will for you.

Leo Man


The Taurus is going to be under a lot of pressure. You are not going to know what to do about a very serious problem but don’t let it consume you. Remember that everything will work out in the end and that as long as you are making the proper arrangements and working as best you can you are doing what needs to be done. Everything before you is going to help shape you for the future.

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The Gemini is going to be traveling in some form after the solstice and through this is going to gain a lot of experience. Whether you travel down the road or across the country something is going to really teach you a lesson you have been needing to learn. Don’t hesitate to open up to some new people, someone amazing is going to be coming into your life very soon.


The Cancer is going to be having a good few months to come. You will be spending time with loved ones and appreciating all that you have. While times have been pretty hectic lately, things will be winding down. You should take a much-needed break while you can.


The Leo is going to be spending a lot more time with family. You know you have been taking a lot for granted lately and are definitely making up for it now. The rest of this summer is going to be all about making up and giving back. The emotions to come will be very positive ones. Don’t be afraid to reconnect.


The Virgo is going to be slowing down and taking a look at his or her relationship. Reevaluating is going to become a big part of your life. You are going to take the time that you have now to figure out if this is what you want. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the answers you find.


The Libra is going to find his or herself in a little bit of a pickle. You have been playing games with the wrong kinds of people lately. Perhaps withdrawing for a while would do you some good. Take some time and be to yourself for a little bit. Get ready for these heads to butt when the time comes.


The Scorpio is going to be having a wonderful rest of 2018. You have been working so hard and putting so much into the things that matter to you, all of that is going to pay off big time in the months to come. Stop stressing and relax a little bit and you will see what I mean soon. Don’t worry, you deserve all the good things to come.


The Sagittarius is in for one hell of a summer. So far you have dug yourself a hole and you aren’t sure how to get out. Unfortunately for you, that hole is about to get a lot deeper. You might need to for the meantime focus on keeping your head above the water that is pouring in. While in the end things will work out,, this is going to be a very interesting learning experience for you.


The Capricorn is about to get a lot more personal with someone. You are about to really open up for once. Success is on its way and so is someone special. Don’t let your nerves ruin this for you. Take each opportunity as it presents itself to you.


The Aquarius is going to be wasting a lot of time for no reason at all. This is going to concern those around you so you might want to try and get it under control. Whatever is happening in your life is not going to be able to hold you back forever. Work to accomplish more and let this solstice give you some added energetic power.


The Pisces is going to have one strange rest of the year. You are going to feel like you’re falling apart at the peak of everything good to come. You need to do some soul searching and figure out what is going wrong. Something within you doesn’t feel right. Perhaps spending some time near water will help you clear things up.


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